What we do?

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In the Zefir Studio we are proud of the quality of our work. We understand that the projects we create are important for the development of your business.

Zefir Studio is proud of the quality of our work. We understand that the projects we create are important for the development of your business. On the Internet you will find millions of pages and their number increases day by day to the alarming rate. How does your product and the company pierce itself through in the digital world? Who to trust in terms of creating new websites? In our team there are people who can handle any challenge you ask as a customer.

We Design

We are proud of the fact that we are creating new products. We take the time to analyze the in-dustry of our customers and understand their needs. Sometimes just few details cause your page to stand out among hundreds of competitors. We can adjust the style to your preferen-ces and make it different than millions of other ones. We are proud that our products are characterized by visual attractiveness and functionality fitted to customer’s needs.

We Create

In the first place, we focus on the simplicity of our products’ usage. So our plugins as well as websites and solutions are simplified so that the average recipient is able to use them wi-thout any additional support. Foreseeing our customers’ next steps in the process of using our product is as logical as possible. This simplicity is associated with adjustments of the code for the search engines which will put the website ahead of the competition as soon as possible.

We Make WordPress Plugins

We also make WordPress Plugins. Our flagship product is the Best Import Pro plugin which helps users and developers in the transmission of XML and CSV files. Building online stores and estate portals becomes much easier. Our customers can count on our support and continuous development of our products in order to satisfy their strangest requests.

We Support

Designing and creating our products is just the beginning. We know that our customers may need help to handle our products. Users and developers can understand some of the func-tions differently and require new solutions. We introduce changes, solve tecnical problems, upgrade, protect and meet other needs of our customers. We design and build for clients but support is for partners. We are pleased to hear about your needs and requirements for our products.

What do we offer?

Designing beautiful websites is an art, an we perfectly know how to do it.
We can build your dream, reliable website with any functionality you wish.
WordPress Themes
Best Import
Best Import makes importing data from XML/CSV/ZIP file easy as never before.