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WordPress import XML? Our product can import any kind of CSV or XML to WordPress.
Fast and simple.


Best Import

Best Import is a simple tool created to save your time. It makes your complicated import tasks fast and simple. It is both easy to use and advanced. It can import any kind of XML, CSV or ZIP file. You can use it for building a real estate portal, commercial store and everywhere you have to migrate the data from a legacy CMS to WordPress. More than 8000 people have already used our plugin - wordpress import XML!

Basic features:

  • import data from XML file to wordpress, to any theme!
  • convert CSV file to XML on the fly
  • clear preview of the data
  • choose which tag is responsible for title/content/date/etc
  • filter tags by their attributes
  • detect taxonomies depending on what type of the post you selected
  • save and load templates
  • translate words into the others using mapping
  • set how many posts you want to add
  • see the final preview of the data

Additional features:

  • add your own custom fields or detect them automatically
  • import images from the ZIP file
  • insert images directly into the posts
  • filter the data you want to import
  • choose which posts will be added, skipped, updated or deleted
  • get every new update for free
  • technical support via e-mail
  • if the plugin does not meet your expectations you have 30 day money back guarantee

Few screenshots

Let's see what it can do! "Wordpress import XML"!

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Marcin Paluszkiewicz, sales specialist

Best Import Pro lets me import products from XML to WordPress without any problem. When I had issues with use, support precisely explained me how to use the plugin. I would recommend this product.

Piotr Jaroszuk, WordPress user

I had choice to use more expensive programs and not so intuitive as Best Import. The plugin surprised me by its price and quality. I used Best Import Pro to build real estate portal. CRON let me update the site every day. I didn’t need any support, I managed to do everything by myself.

wordpress import xml Marcin Smoczynski, Zefir Studio

I think that our product has everything you need while moving data from XML to WordPress, but we actively react on every user’s and client’s suggestions. If you have any idea how to improve our product – just write us – we will do our best.

Third place in Upcoming Stars
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  • Best Import is copyrighted by Zefir Studio, and are licensed to you under the GPL V2.
  • Our support access is limited to a single person or organization.
  • Best Import is offered “as is” and without warranty, even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
  • We suggest you make regular backups of your site (just for safety, so far we haven't heard of any issues).
  • Zefir Studio and its associates, partners, employees shall not be held liable for any damages or loss of data resulting from the use of our products.
  • We reserve the right to modify this agreement at any time.
  • Your continued use of our support or receipt of upgrades after the date of change constitutes your acceptance of any and all changes to this agreement.

Not sure?

Aren't you sure if the plugin will work properly with your data? Contact us!
If the plugin does not meet your expectations you have
30 day money back guarantee.


What do you get?

Best Import Pro provides following features:

Custom fields
Custom fields
Import data to WordPress Custom Fields. Do you create online shop or real estate portal? Refine each detail!
Import images and insert them to your post to raise sales and make them more attractive.
You will get every new update for free! We constantly analyze and check what is worth to improve in our products.
Technical support via e-mail. Do you need any help? Contact us, your satisfaction is our priority.

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